At Winter NAMM, KHS America launched NFUZD Audio™, a new brand of electronic musical instruments and performance tools designed to respond to the creative potential of its users.   

NFUZD Audio’s first group of products, the NSPIRE Series, will be shown at the Summer NAMM show.  The NSPIRE series I/O Module uses Open Architecture, enabling access to a sample library that is virtually endless, and includes BFD Eco NFUZD Edition VST software. The NSPIRE Series Advanced Drum Emulation System (A.D.E.) utilizes true WAV sample playback allowing for superior acoustic drum sound reproduction with a wide dynamic range.  This technology enables drummers and other music creators to easily adapt the system to best fit their unique creative needs, without the limits imposed by traditional e-drum hardware and software systems. 

The NFUZD Audio brand has been in development for four years by a team that includes an all-star roster of industrial designers, software developers, electronic and electrical engineers from Taiwan’s IC-based technology industry as well as notable music industry experts from Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Joining the team early in 2014 were accomplished professional drummer and recording artist Russ Miller and sound engineer and e-drum developer John Emrich, whose combined history and experience in the electronic drum category provided the keys to unlock the potential of the NSPIRE Series.  At the same time, KHS and the NFUZD Audio team established a development partnership with FXpansion, authors of BFD, the market-leading VST (Virtual Studio Technology) drum sampling software.  Together, the teams have developed both on-board and external sample libraries with full-bandwidth, professional recording sound quality.

The most recent addition to the NFUZD Audio team is electronic drum market Artist Relations expert, Bob Terry.  With close relationships with many of the world’s most recognized artists and with considerable experience as an electronic drums educator and author, Bob Terry will be playing a lead role in NFUZD Audio artist relations, marketing development, and retail training.