NSPIRE Trigger Pads

The NSPIRE Series trigger pads install on your acoustic drums quickly and easily, allowing players to convert to electronic surfaces in minutes. Tom and Snare Trigger Pads fit snugly on the rims of the acoustic drums. There is no need to remove the rims or heads so your acoustic drums stay completely intact. The kick trigger pad mounts on the bass drum hoop just like any standard bass drum pedal and fits bass drum sizes of 18” and larger. The ride and crash trigger pads mount just like acoustic cymbals, utilizing the included cymbal spin stopper which allows the natural motion of a cymbal while preventing the pad from spinning.

Players will no longer be forced to adapt their technique and style to conform to smaller targets and tighter setups. The NSPIRE System uses real sized trigger pads that fit on top of any acoustic drum kit, allowing the player to maintain their acoustic setup and spacing. There is zero change in the range of motion or disruption of muscle memory when players switch between their acoustic kit and the NFUZD set-up. Players will be able to close their eyes and know where the stick is going to land. Additionally, each pad has a soft silicone real sized surface that is comfortable to play.



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